Thursday, December 9, 2010

Heartin' the Tartan

Lately, everywhere I turn, it's a plaid, plaid world.  

Holiday Library from the very cool site,
(Dear Homeowner, if invited over for a hot toddy in that room, I would gladly accept. Sincerely, Natalie) 

I'll admit that it's taken me awhile to embrace the apparent pattern du jour. As you might imagine from the type of person who decides to blog about plain white houses, my taste in textiles is usually, how shall I say, "classic." I never met a cream, camel, or black that I didn't like.

For years, I have mocked (lovingly, of course) my unabashedly pink-and-green, Lilly loving, argyle clad, monogrammed to the hilt--but completely fabulous--sister. Her madras plaid for the summer and silk or taffeta plaid for the Holidays were always a bit too "Highland Chic" for me. But now, I think she is onto something--well, at least with the plaid.

Plaid, especially around this time of year, is certainly nothing new. But in the past few weeks, as I've been searching the Internet for Holiday clothes, valances, tablecloths, Christmas tree skirts, napkin rings, and maybe even pizza toppings, I have encountered seemingly limitless items in every variety of Stewart, Blackwatch, Campbell, Burberry, and any other ancient clan's plaid I could ever want...

Even this past Monday's Gossip Girl ended with every single one of my favorite Upper East Siders wearing the season's must-have pattern. Maybe plaid is the new black (although Serena has been sporting various Michael-Jackson-in-the-Thriller-Era outfits lately, so I'm not sure the show's stylist is as reliable as she once was).

Suddenly, I can't get enough! I have three Holiday table options all involving plaid, I'm desperately trying to track down the (on sale!) plaid Barneys dress below for Christmas Eve, and I've pretty much cleared out eBay's virtual shelves of vintage plaid wool throw blankets. Oh! And I should mention that Hermes recently released a new plaid wool throw. The Hermes Altai. It's not exactly plaid, per se, because the stripes only go in one direction so there's no cross line action, but Hermes describes the pattern as "Plaid Pistes." I don't speak French and "Plaid Pistes" might mean "not plaid" but I do speak Hermes, and the blanket is gorgeous. Plus, for the low, low price of $700.00, it's now the least expensive blanket they sell. I told my husband that, well, seeing as how this is practically bargain basement for Hermes, we should collect all four colors!  He doesn't agree. Okay, then maybe just the Fire Orange and the Pumice Gray??

Anyway, the countdown for guaranteed Christmas delivery is on, so I'd better sign off...I need to go see what other must-have items in my new favorite pattern are out there just calling my name (with a slight Scottish brogue)... 

Blair on Gossip Girl. Barneys New York Tartan Dress.
 Barneys New York Tartan Dress Profile Photo
If I am unable to track down Blair's Barneys NY dress (shudder to think), I suppose this option from Pendleton is still cute, and it is significantly cheaper:

Silk Plaid Taffeta Dress, Pendleton, $248


Coach Cambria Tartan Flat, $108. On the fence about these shoes--they might be a little too Willy Wonka?
Christmas Tree of Beverly Hills, CA Designer Mary McCarthy, from Veranda
Burberry Brit Plaid Belted Coat
Burberry Brit Plaid Belted Coat, Bloomingdale's, $1095

Celia Pillow, Crate & Barrel, $30

Autumn Picnic Plaid Scarf, Tartan Scarf, and Highland Tartan Scarf
Scarves, Mod Cloth, $24-32

Blackwatch Sequin Pillow - Ralph Lauren Home -
Blackwatch Sequin Pillow, Ralph Lauren, $350
Tartan Tablecloth, 70x108"
Stewart Plaid Tablecloth, Williams-Sonoma, $70-90, depending on table size

Lake Placid Lodge.
So cozy, less than 5 hours from Boston or NYC, and a real deal for two- or three-night stays on Rue La La right now.

Click to enlarge
Italian Style Green Plaid Umbrella,, $35
Nolan Tartan Frame - Ralph Lauren Home -
Nolan Tartan Frame, Ralph Lauren, $75 
Vintage Plaid Thermoses (is that the plural of Thermos?) with Green Depression Era Glass.
Doesn't this remind you of a Mad Men set? 

Plaid Holiday Table, from Country Living

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