Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GP, How I Love Thee

As Coco Chanel was to the tweed suit, G.P. Schafer is to the Classic White House ("CHW")...

Greek Revival in Upstate NY, designed by G.P. Schafer
I love real estate listings. I am a house voyeur of the most incurable sort. I can amuse myself for hours perusing the multiple listing service. Friday night movie, schmovie--at least not when there are "New Listings" on the MLS!

I even look at listings in cities where I do not live. Take Chicago. Chicago boasts numerous fabulous lofts. If you're in the market, I'll send you photos of a sleek, but still incredibly cozy, exposed brick and beams place in a converted church in the Ukrainian Village. I also recently saw an unbelievable Windy City Beaux Arts flat off Michigan Avenue, with a mahogany paneled library, four fireplaces, and a huge white marble "scullery" kitchen (like living in the Ralph Lauren store, but with views of the lake to boot).  Lately, I've found myself lying awake at night, feeling very torn between which residence suits me best...which would be preferable for entertaining...which is the right choice long-term. Problem is, I'm not moving to Chicago.

I don't stop with Chicago listings (or for that matter, Boston, or Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, or Tucson, AZ listings). Not when the New York Times features multimedia views into homes of all sorts! Sometimes they even publish articles about the houses of New Yorkers. Enter G.P. Schafer, Stage Left...

G.P. Schafer is a Manhattan architect who initially specialized in historic renovations primarily in the NYC area. When he tried (unsuccessfully) to find his own vacation home in New York's Hudson Valley, he decided to build his own new-old house, with all of the charm and warmth of an antique farmhouse sans the plumbing and structural challenges. Nowadays, he's as well-known for his gorgeous horse farms and Greek Revivals sprinkled along the banks of the Hudson, as he is for his glamorous Upper East Side updates. Recently, another Manhattan couple who couldn't find an old farmhouse they liked in the Hudson Valley, commissioned G.P. to design a new house that looked like an old Classic White House. The quaint country house in question is called Willow Grace Farm and is owned by writer and producer of the hit TV series, Will & Grace.

Willow Grace Farm

All of these swoon-worthy G.P. Schafer houses have been built in the past decade or so. Pretty lovely, right? GP, if you're ever looking for a new project in the Boston area, do give me a call?
Willow Grace Farm. I read the Elle Decor credits-they didn't have Grace and Karen decorate.
I've been scouring eBay for an Empire foyer table like this.
Interior of a Manhattan home renovated by my darling, G.P.
Breakfast nook. Who wouldn't want that fireplace with their morning tea?
Dining room turned library? I want the whole thing, including all those coffee table books. 
Sitting room...manages to be cozy but still elegant
Lovely kitchen. I might learn to cook if I was working in here!
Mister Sandman, bring me a dream...and if possible, bring it to me in here?
Bathroom. Looks antique, probably has heated floors. 
Regal bedroom, no?
My CWH has an enclosed room off of the LR--this could work nicely!
Sheesh, it's gorgeous even without the house...

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  1. i love looking at real estate listings too! especially of big, beautiful homes, and classy estates on the west coast. le sigh!
    cute blog girly, i am from the boston area too. i pen a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion and style, cocktails, travel, and local events!