Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mean Reds...Tired Blues...Let's Look at Fabulous Rooms!

I have the Monday blues...which is bad considering that it's Thursday!
Who would have thunk it? Midnight navy walls are gorgeous!
Photo from Elle Decor
I don't know what wrong with me this week. I am beyond tired. And everyone I talk to is saying the same thing. Exhausted. Well, according to Above the Law (a fun, if often rather snarky, blog about lawyering life) there is a name for this phenomenon: "Blue Monday," a depressing Monday just after the Holidays.

Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly gets the "Mean Reds" and I seem to be having the "Tuckered-Out Blues." But I think you'll agree that these fabulous blue interiors are anything but tired!
Such a cozy room to curl up and read a good (or even a bad) book on a dark January day.
Photo from Elle Decor.

Photo from Elle Decor.

Great high/low room.
Photo from Elle Decor.
Oh, I know you're thinking..."This is not a blue room!" But it's lovely and the doors are blue.
Photo from Elle Decor.
bedrooms - bedroom Chinese Chippendale faux bamboo blue chairs blue lamp blue bedding  From Elle Decor  blue faux bamboo chair, white desk, art,
Lately, I'm loving pictures hung on bookcases.
Photo from Elle Decor.
Windsor Style by Suzy Menkes.

The White House Blue Room.
Miles Redd. Photo from Elle Decor.

Not a blue room, per se, but I've already noted my obsession with lovely tables, so here you go...
Photo from Veranda.
This is a toddler's room. A toddler! Meaning that I am beyond jealous of a three-year-old!
Photo from Elle Decor.
Photo from Elle Decor.
Photo from Elle Decor.
A Paris Apartment Packed with Color Elle Decor  Apartment Therapy New York
Parisian apartment from Elle Decor.
So gorgeous. Elle Decor says this room is blue, so blue it is!
Miles Redd (a.k.a. Miles Blue). Photo from Elle Decor.
Lots of light and great high ceilings! Photo from Veranda.
To-die-for kitchen in two photos above by Sherrill Canet.
I'm starting to think I should stain my floors ebony and paint my walls a cool blue.
Photo from Elle Decor.
Rethinking white cabinets when I see these stunning black ones.
Photo from Elle Decor.
Fun kitchen from Domino

Frank Roop's Home. Photo from Elle Decor.

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